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What is a Green Deal Loan?

  • A Green Deal loan is a unique type of loan in which householders can borrow money to pay for the cost of installing energy efficiency measures and repay the borrowings as part of their electricity bills
  • A key and unique feature of a Green Deal Loan is that the Loan remains attached to a property’s electricity meter rather than the individual who initially takes out the Loan
  • A Green Deal loan needs to meet the ‘golden rule’: the amount which can be borrowed is limited by the rule that Loan repayments in the first year may not exceed typical energy savings from the measures financed by the Loan

What improvements does it cover?

These include:

  • New or replacement boiler (condensing, biomass)
  • Solid Wall (internal & external)/ Loft/ Floor Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Heating/ Hot Water/ Lighting Controls
  • Heating System Insulation
  • Ground and air source heat pumps
  • Fan assisted storage heaters
  • Flue gas recovery devices
  • Innovative hot water systems
  • Draught proofing

How do I repay my loan?

  • The agreed monthly repayments are added to and appear on the homeowner’s electricity bill and are collected by the electricity supplier on behalf of the Green Deal Provider

What happens if I move home?

How do I apply?

  • Please click here “I am interested in a Green Deal” and fill out the form. The Green Deal Finance company will put you in contact with your local Green Deal Provider

How are my savings calculated?

  • You’ll need to have a Green Deal assessment carried out on your home, by a Green Deal Assessor. They will produce a Green Deal Advice Report recommending energy saving improvements and indicating whether they are expected to pay for themselves through reduced energy bills.

Can I move electricity supplier?

  • Yes, provided they are a Green Deal approved supplier.  All the big energy companies and many of the smaller ones are approved.

What happens if I don’t pay my electricity bill?

  • Missing payments could have severe consequences.  In rare cases, it could lead to disconnection.

What does my guarantee cover?

  • The guarantee will cover the functioning of an improvement which relates to the installation, materials or design, as well as any damage to the property caused by an improvement or the installation of the improvement. The length of the guarantee depends on the measure.  Please contact your GDP for further details.
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What happens if I get a new tenant?

  • You need to make sure your new tenant acknowledges the Green Deal plan prior to moving into the property. This can be done, for example, by including a provision in the lease. After that, the rest happens automatically.

Why is a Green Deal Plan good for my tenant?

  • Under a Green Deal Plan, tenants make the repayments via the electricity bill making it hassle-free
  • Tenants get to live in a nicer, warmer, more energy efficient property. Their electricity bills will be protected against electricity price rises by the energy efficiency of the measure installed.
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Green Deal Loan
Stays with the property
Easy to pay
Long Term repayment term (up to 25 years) enabling more affordable monthly repayments
Repaid at any time without early repayment charges
Wide range of measures available for finance
Electricity could be cut off if you do not pay
Flexibility on electricity retained
a. Change of supplier
b. Change of payment method
c. Change of payment frequency
Advantages to both tenants and landlords
Other Forms of Credit
Mortgage lending may be cheaper if you have a flexible mortgage and don’t need to pay refinancing charge
Conventional consumer credit may be available at lower rates if you have a strong credit rating
Overall cost of credit may be less if you take a shorter loan term
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