Collections manager

Job brief

To take responsibility for all operational relationships between GDFC and energy suppliers.  The Supplier Collections Manager will establish and contacts within each supplier organisation and manage these relationships to ensure each supplier delivers to the agreed service standards on the front-end approval of new loans and the back-end remittance of Green Deal payments and dataflows. 

What you will do

  • Responsible to the CRO for ensuring delivery by energy suppliers of contractual SLAs
  • The timely approval and set-up of a Green Deal Loan plan in the energy supply data base.  This is a critical stage in the purchase of a Green Deal loan by a consumer
  • The timely and accurate remittance of Green Deal charges collected by suppliers from customers.  This process ensures that GDFC receives charges owed by customers in line with repayment terms when paid and thereby ensuring sound cash management and accurate recording of customer payment history
  • Ensure suppliers understand and allocate resource, monitor supplier compliance with SLAs and
  • Monitor delinquency numbers and identify through supplier contacts whether this is a supplier administration or customer payment issue. 
  • For administrative issues, work with suppliers to identify causes for non-remittance and ensure root causes are rectified
  • For payment issues, influence supplier collection strategies to maximise collection for GDFC
  • Where the supplier ceases to collect, adopt strategies such as debt sale, to collect directly from the customer
  • Collections strategies must be fully compliant with regulatory guidance and obligations
  • The jobholder will be expected to establish strong, co-operative and active relationships with energy suppliers through supplier scheme representatives and supplier operations staff
  • Developing cooperation through personal relationships will be a key feature of the role and will be developed through personal visits to supplier premises as well as by telephone and mail
  • Take the lead in resolving issues with suppliers and escalate specific issues or complex cases to the CRO to ensure timely resolution
  • Develop and present detailed reporting for GDFC senior management and board

Qualifications, Personal Attributes and Experience

  • Must have experience in managing relationships within large organisations
  • MS Office including strong Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, empathy and at times fortitude and resilience
  •  Highly results oriented and focussed on adding value to the company
  • To have experience of either collections or new business functions where delivery is through third party relationships
  • To be able to thrive in pressurised environments, with a clear approach to decision making
  • To be an advocate of change, prepared to challenge existing processes and suggest improvements to drive results
  • Must be able to demonstrate advanced stakeholder management skills across a wide range of different stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Must have a tenacious approach to problem solving, constantly striving for effective solutions
  • Must be highly proficient in risk, resource and KPI/SLA management
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong negotiating and influencing skills
  • Must be well organised, work to deadlines and be analytical and articulate.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to think ahead and be proactive in understanding when to push issues hard to achieve a desired outcome


  • Attractive remuneration package on offer
  • Pension and healthcare benefits


  • Central London

You’ll be part of the core team in a crucial role that sits between the product owners, the development team and the end users.

If this is you, we want to hear from you ASAP.

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